What is it?

A furniture package is available to rent through the Furnished Tenancy Service.

Properties that are already available with a furnished tenancy package will be advertised through Homes for Bolton. All applicants that match the criteria will then be considered for a furniture package.  A furnished tenancy can only start at the beginning of a new tenancy, any customer in an existing property who require help with furniture please see Homes for Bolton.

Furnished tenancies are available in selected flats, houses and bungalows with Bolton at Home and certain registered social landlords.

The aim of the Furnished Tenancy Service is to provide furniture to customers who are unable to furnish their homes due to their own personal or financial circumstances.  There is an additional cost for the furniture package on top of the property rent. If you are on benefits or a low income, assistance may be available from Housing Benefits.

Contracts last between two to four years after which there will be a review.  During the contract you will receive regular visits in relation to your furnished tenancy.

The service allows you to rent essential furnishings as part of your tenancy. These items include, white goods, beds, wardrobe, settees and carpets.