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  • Mayoral Election

    GM Mayoral Elections

    The official countdown to the election to choose the first ever Greater Manchester Mayor has begun.
  • Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2017

    Bolton food fest chefs revealed

    Take a dash of Ainsley Harriott, a pinch of Simon Rimmer, a sprinkling of James Martin, then stir together with Michael Caines - and what do you have?
  • Town Hall

    Council secures fines against flytippers

    Bolton Council has secured fines against three residents for dumping waste illegally in the back streets of the borough.
  • Changes to Council Tax Support

    Changes to Council Tax Support

    Changes to Council Tax support from April 2017 will affect everyone of working age - Find out more...
  • Bolton Active Sports Awards 2017

    Bolton Active Sports Awards 2017

    Give recognition to those who deserve it - Nominate your local sporting heroes and celebrate the best sporting achievements in Bolton!
  • Tell us your thoughts...

    Tell us your thoughts...

    What are your thoughts about Greater Manchester now and in the future: what would you wish GM to be like by 2040?