(Emergency) Active Travel Fund

Greater Manchester has been allocated just under £19million of funding from the Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) and Active Travel Fund (ATF).  Using this specific funding, Bolton is delivering a number of schemes across the district that aims to increase the number of local journeys made by walking and cycling and to provide attractive, ‘liveable’ streets and public spaces, with slower traffic speeds and safe routes. 

Promoting more cycling and walking journeys will improve health, air quality, environment and provide economic benefits.  We also expect to see community benefits from having more people out and about on the streets moving, chatting, visiting local businesses, and enjoying their neighbourhoods.

The schemes focus on the enhancement of existing cycle lanes through road space reallocation and the installation of ‘Wand Orcas’.  This type of light separation from the main traffic flow, being the minimum required in all new road schemes in accordance with National Government Guidance Local Transport Note 1/20.

The schemes being developed were identified through the Safe Streets Save Lives consultation as priority routes by respondents for the installation of new cycling and walking infrastructure.

For further detail on the schemes and for a chance to have your say, see Safe and active travel in Bolton or follow the direct links below.

Emergency Active Travel Fund:

Active Travel Fund: