Accommodation certificate inspection

The inspector will measure each room and assess any hazards that may be present. The room sizes will be used to calculate the maximum number of people able to live in the property ensuring the property is not overcrowded.

If the property would become overcrowded as a result of someone moving in then you may have to find alternative accommodation for the people being sponsored.

Overcrowding standards

A property is considered to be overcrowded if either the room standard or the space standard is exceeded.

Room standard

There should be sufficient rooms in each individual property so that no male and female aged 10 or over, should have to sleep in the same room, unless they are living together as ‘husband and wife’.

Space standard

This standard specifies the maximum number of people who can sleep in any room considered suitable for use as a sleeping room and the maximum number who may sleep in any individual property when taking into account the number of sleeping rooms available to the occupants.