Alley gates can help prevent crime including:

  • burglary
  • fly-tipping
  • antisocial behaviour

You can view Alley Gating Orders in the Downloads section.

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) have now replaced Alley Gating Orders.

Replacement keys and damaged gates

Please let us know if you need a replacement key or want to report damage a gate:

Report a problem with an alley gate

Alley Gating Surveys

There are many methods Bolton Council and its partners use to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities. However, we must always ensure that interventions are used proportionately and in areas where they will have the greatest impact.

In certain cases, we will look at the possibility of installing alley gates. This simple crime prevention method involves the installation of lockable gates to the end of highways. The purpose of gating is to restrict access over the highway by unauthorised persons, in order to reduce the opportunity to commit crime or anti-social behaviour.

To help us to identify the most appropriate approach to tackle the problems which have been identified in certain areas, we use surveys to gain the insights of local residents and other interested parties.

The current surveys for areas where gating is being considered are accessible via our consultations directory


Proposed alley gating scheme 2021 - Back Market Street, Farnworth

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