Who do we work with?

Our team works with young people 10-17 (and their families) who:

  • get arrested by the police 
  • are arrested for a crime and receive an Out of Court Disposal 
  • are charged with a crime and have to go to court 
  • are convicted of a crime and are given a sentence 

What do we do?

  • we explain the process of going to court 
  • we make sure that the young people and families know what they need to do 
  • we support young people and families to plan for the future 
  • we provide interventions to reduce the risk of re-offending 
  • we supervise statutory court orders 

Support for all young people.

Our service is for young people who enter the criminal justice system, but if you feel that you or your child needs support this can be sought from:
  • School - staff in school can give you information and guidance to help you support your child 
  • Play, youth and sports clubs  - taking part in something positive can really help your child and the people running the activities will be able to work with your child  to encourage positive choices 

You can look at the My Life in Bolton to find things for children and young people to do in your area.