Chief Executive’s Department 

Our work makes a difference to people's lives.

We look after the “business” of the Council.  This is the finance, legal, HR, marketing, communications, IT and other core corporate functions which make the Council run smoothly.  We also have our front-line customer service teams, library and museum service, registrars, councillor support and policy makers.

  • Louise Aldred, Customer Services Team Leader, joined in 2004

    I began as a Customer Service Officer, progressed to CSO Level 2, then was a Service Development Officer for 13 years.  I recently gained promotion to Team Leader which I love as, working operationally no two days are ever the same.  I can be dealing with team issues, operational business needs across the contact centre or issues linked to the services we provide to our residents. 

    The best thing about working here is the management support, team dynamic, development opportunities and hybrid working which offers a more positive work/life balance. I have also gained professional qualifications ranging from an NVQ level 2 to a professional qualification in Project Management.

  • Sarah Atherton, Senior Procurement Officer, joined in 2008

    After many years working in Housing Benefits, I joined the Procurement Team as an Admin Officer in 2017. I had the opportunity to progress to a Procurement Officer, and then into the Senior role. 

    My role involves managing a lot of purchasing projects, so there are always emails and meeting prep to do, but I enjoy the multi-tasking side of the job.

    The best thing about working here is the environment - we have a lovely Town Hall which has excellent facilities. We receive regular staff briefings from the Senior Management Team and are made aware of staff benefits or opportunities that might interest us.

    Our team is small but my Manager has supported me from the day I joined to learn and develop into the role. Throughout my career I have found working for Local Government has allowed me to have excellent opportunies, training and personal development.

  • Jennifer Rudd, Digital, Employment and Skills Team, joined in 2003

    I’ve worked in a variety of roles and across various departments and with organisations internal and external to the council. I’ve been given opportunities to learn and grow throughout my career, with my most recent opportunity being a Level 5 Apprenticeship in Organisational Management.

    I work within a small team providing support to access digital skills and equipment, training and learning, employment and ESOL support to non-English speakers. No two days are the same and I am often out at meetings and events or in the middle of organising them myself!

    The role requires partnership working, which is great as I enjoy meeting new people and working collaboratively, and I am often required to learn on the job, which I enjoy as I like to gain new skills regularly.

    The best thing about working here is knowing that I make a difference to lives and help to open up opportunities to enable others to progress and that I have the support of my line managers to get the job done.

Department of People - Children’s Services

I enjoy working with so many different teams. 

We’re all about making life great for young people – whether that’s through work with schools, children’s centres, social care, youth work, play services, early years services… there’s something for everyone who wants to build a career working with children.   There’s lots of opportunities for development and career progression across this sector.

  • Lindsay Nelson, Virtual School Headteacher, joined in in 2020

    My role is to oversee the education of looked after and previously looked after children. I work in close partnership with education services, social care, schools, health, and key stakeholders, and have the opportunity to support children from early years all the way to adulthood.

    The Virtual School works with over 170 schools in over 20 local authorities, it’s my role to ensure we are meeting all our statutory duties offering information, advice, guidance, and support regarding the education of Bolton’s looked after children.

    Bolton is a unique and special place. There is a genuine feeling of community spirit and Northern grit. A lot of colleagues and managers have worked in Bolton for a long-time and have a good understanding of Bolton and know each other well. From the moment I started I felt welcomed and valued as a colleague.

    My team are brilliant! Several of them have moved from mainstream teaching to the local authority; my team appreciate the flexi-working strategy and the genuine support and care for their emotional well-being and mental health that Bolton provides. It's great for personal development, too.

  • Laure Venier AYSE Safeguarding Social Worker, joined in 2022 following a student placement

    I spent 10 years working abroad, first in teaching in North Africa and South America, and then in humanitarian aid, working in protection and community engagement in emergency contexts in Europe and Central Africa. My role here is varied too! I could be visiting families, visiting children and young people at school, facilitating child in need meetings with families and professionals, writing case notes, writing court reports.

    It is an immense honour that families trust us with their challenges and we can be involved in their lives for however long it takes to make a difference. The Bolton managers I have been blessed to have guide me have been some of the best managers I have had in my career. Everyone has brought their own personal and professional experiences, we all pull together and bring passion for supporting the children and families we work with.

    I have been wonderfully surprised and impressed by how passionate staff at Bolton are.

Department of People – Adults

The council supports me to learn new skills and gain qualifications.

This department looks after all aspects of adult health and wellbeing. This includes supporting older adults to live independently, occupational therapy, social work, homeless welfare and looking after wider public health too. Another area with great career potential and development opportunities across a diverse sector.  

  • Amanda Cunniffe, Social Worker, joined in 2021 following a student placement

    In January 2020, I was fortunate enough to start my final placement as a student social worker with Bolton. I had fantastic support from the team and was offered every opportunity to shadow experienced colleagues, attend training, network with care providers and other teams, despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, in order for me to gain experience and develop professionally.

    I secured a role with a neighbouring Council but I knew that Bolton was the place for me so I returned to my “work family” in July 2021. The family-orientated team feeling, knowledge and support, together with their dedication in working collaboratively, openness to new ideas, tenacity and shared decision making, was something I wanted to be a part of.

    The Council offers lots of opportunities to professionally develop through numerous training courses which you can enrol on and also takes on board suggestions from staff regarding training which may not be already available.

  • Tom Brady, Deputy Team Manager, joined in 2012

    Following a placement via Salford University, I was offered a Community Assessment Officer role and quickly progressed to Social Worker and then Senior Social Worker following some further qualifications. I then moved on to Deputy Team Manager when a vacancy became available.

    The best thing about working here is my colleagues, who are honest, passionate, hard-working, funny and kind. The council has supported and encouraged me throughout my time in Bolton. I have always had the opportunity to develop and progress.

    When I first started as a student, I never imagined that I would be able to progress to a management level and right from starting in Bolton I have felt a connection which I did not feel anywhere else.

  • David Bailey, Financial Services Manager, joined in 2001

    I started as an Admin Assistant gathering data that was used to monitor Social Care Performance, quickly gaining promotion to work in the finance team. After further internal progression to a supervisory role, I transferred into the Information Systems Team, expanding my knowledge of the services provided by the Department. I extended and developed my professional networks and this knowledge and experience eventually led to me leading the Systems Team.

    I’ve recently achieved a promotion back into Finance and I may be 41 but the Council recently supported me in a Degree Apprenticeship with Manchester Met University. Adding theory to my experience has really helped me to develop my leadership skills. 

    My work can vary frequently which keeps things exciting. Managing competing demands and assessing risk are essential skills to help make progress in key areas.

    Without doubt the best thing about working here is the people. I’m blessed with having excellent working relationships with managers at all levels of the department and everyone is committed to doing their very best for the people of Bolton. Being a Bolton resident myself, I’m also massively proud to work for my town. The values of the organisation really represent the people that work for Bolton.

    There are many benefits to a career in public service – not least the sense of pride in delivering support to essential front-line services for the town.

  • Catherine Conroy, Quality Assurance & Contracts Officer, joined in 2017

    Since joining the Council, I’ve worked in housing, marketing and as a personal assistant to the Director. I’m now working in Quality Assurance making sure our elderly care providers are meeting necessary standards.

    A typical day on the Quality Assurance team could mean being on duty in the office taking calls, out visiting care homes, home care providers or supported living properties or writing up reports working with providers on improvement plans.

    The best thing about the working for the Council is the flexibility around trying different roles and getting to work with other teams within the council and learning from them.  Its definitely helped with my personal development and career progression which I may not have been able to achieve elsewhere.

Department of Place

I am encouraged and supported to excel.

This Department looks after our Borough – roads, parks, public buildings, cleaning, school catering and of course keeping our streets clean and bins emptied.  We also cover environmental health, our award-winning market and Heaton Fold garden centre, licencing, planning and development of the town centres.

  • Charlotte Killas-Riding, Area Mobile Manager, joined 2014

    My career journey has been very progressive, I have been supported in all aspects of my roles within Bolton council and encouraged to strive to achieve career goals.

    My working days consists of managing and overseeing 30 primary schools, dealing with any issues that may arise such as staff management, stock shortages, menu discrepancies and then its on to planning new menus, creating therapeutic diets for children with allergies and everything else that goes with such a busy service. 

    I consider everyone within those kitchens to be part of my team. They are brilliant and I am proud of the work they do on a daily basis. Together we have overcome challenges such as covid, but always seem to see the bright side of things and carry on with a smile on our faces.

    I truly believe that starting employment with Bolton council was the best decision I have ever made. Being a single mum with a young son, the hours and working pattern suited my lifestyle, and meant that I could continue with my passion for cooking and working within the catering industry. From the moment I started I knew school meals was for me and immediately set my sights on progressing through the ranks. I have never looked back!

  • James Fairbank, Business Analyst, joined 2020

    I joined the Council doing an Apprenticeship in Administration following College then took a permanent job on completion of the course.

    The members of staff that I work with have helped me to develop my skills, experience, knowledge and understanding of what we as a service do. They are always friendly, supportive and welcoming.

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