The team's main aims are to:

  • increase participation in sport and physical activity for children, young people, adults and older people to create safer, stronger, healthier communities
  • develop a club / group network which provides quality and accessible sport and physical activity
  • to promote / develop and sustain a quality, enthusiastic workforce
  • to manage and develop existing and new or improved facilities

The Sport and Active Living service works with a wide range of partners from the voluntary, public and private and community sector to provide a broad and diverse range of services. The aim is to widen opportunities for people living and working in Bolton to become more active, and by doing so, to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.

Meet the team

Tracy Ashton - Operations Manager

I am the Sport and Active Living Operations manager, my role is to manage and oversee the team to develop sport and active living to the residents of Bolton. The team are responsible for ensuring that all Bolton Residents have access to high quality sports provision no matter what their age, gender or ability. We want to ensure that Bolton residents are healthy and enjoy an active lifestyle.

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Ann Marie Taylor - Principal Sports Development Officer

Bolton has 16 priority sports which are currently under a 2014 review. Each priority has a lead person/organisation working closely with the National Governing Bodies to develop the individual sports creating a whole sport plan and creating 12 month action plans. All priority sports have development groups with membership made up of local clubs, leagues and partner agencies involved in that sport. These development groups ensure Bolton has a strong, vibrant and well developed and successful sporting infrastructure.

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Neil Hart - Senior Sports Development Officer

I currently co-ordinate five of the council's priority sports. My role entails writing whole sport plans, chairing development groups, bidding for funding, working with national governing bodies and making sure clubs and groups are working together to increase participation in sport. When not in work I enjoy playing and coaching rugby league and relaxing with family and friends.

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Graham Marshall - School Sport Development Officer

The school sports team provides Local Primary schools with high quality curriculum and extra-curricular coaching. This service has been established for 9 years and currently working with 26% of local schools, and employ 7 full time coaches who deliver school sport ,completion, and teachers CPD.

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Ian Davies - Sports Reunited Coordinator

Sport is energising, good for you and fun, especially when the whole family joins in. Sports Reunited is here to help arrange free activities for you that are great fun are suitable for the whole family. Sessions provide easy steps for the families wanting to improve fitness and can also have positive effects on children's behaviour and performance at school.

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Dale Spencer - Physical Education Officer

I oversee the Bolton Council PE Scheme of Work. I am responsible for the developing of new resources to support the delivery of Physical Education. I also provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Gymnastics, Dance, Orienteering and Games and I support schools with observations and the improvement of their Physical Education overview.

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Community Sports Development Officers

Yusaf Atcha

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Wahid Khan

  01204 335552

Osman Hassan

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We carry out outreach work with the communities of Bolton. To support local people in the delivery of sports and physical activity sessions and to assist in the establishment of local community clubs ensuring that there is adequate support to ensure sustainability. Our aim is to increase support to all clubs and organisations around sport participation in Bolton. This would involve various areas of needs e.g. funding, training, venue and one to one support to ensure the clubs and organisations have the right tools to deliver their aims and objectives.

Jamie Agar - Disability Sports Development Officer

As Disability Sports Development Officer, my role is to develop links with local clubs, groups, agencies, organisations and individuals with the aim of improving and increasing the number of opportunities in Disability sport, and increasing the number of inclusive sports clubs in Bolton.

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Sports Administrators - Volunteering and coaching

Sarah Owen

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Janet Dobson

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We assist the Sport and Active Living team with the key tasks to aid in the development of sport in Bolton. We have a variety of coaches and volunteers working within Bolton in which we aim to develop through various courses we offer; this is through gaining National Governing Bodies qualifications, First Aid and Safeguarding and Protecting Children. This enables the coaches and volunteers to be at a high standard.

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