Term dates vary for each school, please check with the school for their holiday dates. 

2019 / 2020

Autumn Term

Total 75 days in term
Term begins: Monday 2 September 2019
Half Term: Monday 21 October 2019 to Friday 25 October 2019
Term ends: Friday 20 December 2019

Spring Term

Total 55 days in term
Term begins: Monday 6 January 2020
Half Term: Monday 17 February 2020 to Friday 21 February 2020
Term ends: Friday 27 March 2020

Summer Term

Total 63 days in term
Term begins: Tuesday 14 April 2020
Bank Holiday: Friday 8 May 2020
Bank Holiday: Monday 25 May 2020
Half Term: Tuesday 26 May 2020 to Friday 29 May 2020
Term ends: Friday 17 July 2020

Additional information

  • children will be in school for 190 days
  • staff will be in school for 195 days
  • 5 INSET days to be allocated during non-term time
  • the above pattern equates to 193 days and governing bodies have the authority to determine 3 occasional days to meet the local needs of the school.
  • local council elections will take place on Thursday 7 May 2020. Primary schools which are NOT used as polling stations may be open on this day.

Autumn Term 2020 will begin on Monday 7 September 2020

2020/2021 Term Dates

2021/2022 Term Dates

School year regulations

Schools must open for 380 half-day sessions (190 days) in each school year, beginning with the first term to start after July.

We are responsible for setting holiday and term dates for community and voluntary controlled schools. The term dates for foundation and voluntary aided schools are decided by their governing bodies.