Greater Manchester's plan for homes, jobs and the environment

Up until December 2020 the ten Greater Manchester local authorities were working on a joint development plan document known as Greater Manchester’s Plan for Jobs, Homes & the Environment (known as the “GMSF”).  This had reached its Regulation 19 (Publication) stage of the process, but Stockport Council’s decision to withdraw from the plan signalled the end of the GMSF.  Work has however continued to prepare a plan for the remaining districts now called “Places for Everyone”.

Places for Everyone

Places for Everyone is a long-term plan of nine Greater Manchester districts (Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan) for jobs, new homes, and sustainable growth.  It has been prepared by the GMCA on behalf of the nine districts.

The plan will determine the kind of development that takes place across the city-region, maximising the use of brownfield land and urban spaces while protecting green belt land from the risk of unplanned development.

It will also ensure all new developments are sustainably integrated into Greater Manchester’s transport network or supported by new infrastructure.

The plan is the result of a process that began with the publication of the first Greater Manchester Spatial Framework in 2016 and has been informed by the feedback received from residents, businesses and the development industry.

We have now produced what we consider to be our final plan, the one we want to submit to the Secretary of State.

Before we do that, we want you to tell us if you think the plan is ‘sound’ as set out in Government policy and whether we have complied with the necessary legal requirements.  A period for representations is taking place between 9 August and 3 October 2021.

Following this we intend to submit the plan to the Secretary of State, together with all the supporting documents / background evidence and any representations received during this final stage of consultation.  Independent Inspector(s) will then be appointed to undertake an independent examination into the plan.

You can read the plan and supporting documents in full and find out more information about the proposals by going to

While the PfE sets out the strategy and policies to guide sustainable growth it also proposes to allocate sites for development across Greater Manchester, which are currently Green Belt.  In Bolton three sites are proposed for employment uses.  Further details on these can be found in the Allocation Topic Papers.

The three sites are:

  • JPA4 Bewshill Farm (5.6 ha)
  • JPA5 Chequerbent North (16.3 ha)
  • JPA6 West of Wingates (184.3 ha)

The plan also proposes two green belt additions in Bolton.  These are at Horwich Golf Club (24.1 ha) and Ditcher’s Farm, Westhoughton (41.3ha).

How to take part

The public consultation on this plan will take place on from Monday, August 9 until Sunday, October 3.

You can also send a consultation response by email to

or by post to:

Planning and Housing team,

Greater Manchester Combined Authority,

Broadhurst House,

56 Oxford Street,


M1 6EU