Published: Sunday, 26th May 2019

Results of the 2019 elections

The results of the vote have been announced and the following have been elected as MEPs for the North West region:

The Brexit Party:
Claire Regina Fox
Henrik Eyser Overgaard Nielsen
David Richard Bull

Labour Party:
Theresa Mary Griffin
Julie Carolyn Ward

Liberal Democrats:
Chris Davies
Jane Elisabeth Brophy

Green Party:
Gina Dowding


In Bolton borough

The number of people who voted for each party or independent in the borough are as follows:


Change UK - The Independent Group - 1532

Conservative and Unionist Party - 5577

English Democrats - 417

Green Party - 5061

Labour Party - 17,455

Liberal Democrats - 8415

The Brexit Party - 23,122

UK European Union Party (UKEUP) - 235

UK Independence Party - 2957

Mohammad Aslam - 163

Tommy Robinson - 1871


Number of people eligible to vote - 195,333.

42,980 ballot papers,

Postal votes returned 24,178.

Total votes cast - 67,158

Turnout - 34.38%  

Number of spoilt ballot papers - 353


Full results for North West region here