Published: Tuesday, 2nd Jul 2024

Voters have been reminded to bring their photo ID to the polling stations ahead of the general election on July 4.

On Thursday residents in Bolton have the chance to vote for their local MP, who will represent their constituency in the House of Commons for up to five years.

Changes introduced by the Elections Act 2022 mean anyone voting at a polling station on the day must first show an accepted form of photo ID.

Accepted forms of ID include a passport, driving licence (including provisional) and some concessionary travel passes, such as an older person’s bus pass.

Voters can use expired ID if they are still recognisable from the photo.

Sue Johnson, Bolton Council’s Chief Executive and Acting Returning Officer at the election, said:

“It is vital that everyone who wants to have their say at the general election is able to do so.

“We know that turnout can be significantly higher for general elections, so for many people this will be their first time voting under these new requirements.

“I would therefore urge everyone to check that their friends, family, and neighbours remember to bring their ID, so that nobody who is eligible to vote is turned away on the day.”

There are three constituencies in Bolton: Bolton North East, Bolton South and Walkden, and Bolton West.

A full list of candidates standing in each constituency is available on the council website.

Full details on the accepted forms of ID, along with information on what to expect at polling stations on the day, is aso available