Published: Friday, 28th Jan 2022

A dog owner has been prosecuted for repeatedly failing to pick up after his pet.

Complaints have been made about Andrew Dearden of Hathaway Drive since 2018 in relation to dog fouling. 

Letters in reference to the complaints were sent by the council to his home address to which Mr Dearden failed to respond.

In December 2019 a resident made a further complaint against Mr Dearden and said that the dog fouling had started again at the front of their property.

CCTV showed it was dogs belonging to Mr Dearden. 

Mr Dearden pleaded guilty at Wigan Magistrates’ and was fined £183 ordered to pay £550 costs and a £34 victim surcharge. 

Deputy Council Leader, Cllr Hilary Fairclough said: “Dog fouling is a public concern and rightly so.

“Unfortunately, there are a minority of dog-owners who blight the environment and risk public health.

"This prosecution send a clear message that we are committed to keeping our borough safe and clean and dog fouling will not be tolerated.

“Not clearing up after your dog is quite simply lazy, selfish and irresponsible.

“We can only bring about these prosecutions with the help of residents who often know who is responsible. I encourage them to report these issues to the council.”

More information on how you can report dog fouling is available on the council’s website