How to apply

To be eligible for an allotment you must be the minimum age of 18 years and live in Bolton.

Apply for an allotment

Due to very high demand all allotments have a waiting list. Please check the most recent list before applying as you may wait a number of years. On completion of the form you will be added to the waiting list and will only be contacted when a plot becomes available.

Alternatively you can complete a paper form.

How much does it cost?

The fee you pay to rent an allotment will depend on the size of the plot. There are various sizes available but an average full size plot is approximately 250m. A plot this size currently has an approximate annual rental charge £50.00.

Concessionary rates are available for the over sixties. Currently this is a 25% discount on the rental charge of a plot. Proof of age may be required.

Rental charges are subject to annual review

Where are they?

The map below shows the locations of Bolton's allotments.