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Expenditure over £500 reports

In line with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015  these reports will be prepared and published on a quarterly basis no later than the end of the following month.

What does the data show?

  • supplier name
  • amount of spend
  • description of the spend
  • the purchasing department.

Costs shown exclude VAT

What is not included in the report?

  • salaries
  • refunds
  • sensitive personal information
  • payments that may reveal details about an individual
  • internal charges between our different departments

All spend data has been reviewed internally prior to publication.  Payments to certain individuals and suppliers cannot be disclosed as they are covered by Data Protection Act requirements.  Where this is the case, the individual or supplier name has been replaced with the words ‘Redacted – personal data’

How is the data presented?

Data taken each month from our financial management system and currently being published in a CSV format – this lets you copy the data into a spreadsheet or a database.

If your query is about a specific item, provide the information below and we will respond within one month

  • supplier name
  • amount
  • department