An emergency is something which has developed suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly. It needs to be dealt with urgently and cannot be safely left until the following working day.

Emergency out of hours contact details


Careline provides an alarm service which connects the user to the Careline monitoring centre.
If a Careline user ever needs help, they just press either alarm and are connected directly to the Careline monitoring centre. Staff will quickly contact a friend, neighbour or relative who can provide the help. If these people are not available a Careline mobile warden goes straight to the users’ home. If the very worst happens, Careline contacts the emergency services immediately.
A powerful microphone and transmitter in the telephone means that we can still hear and speak to the user even if they cannot get to the telephone.
Careline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Telephone: (01204) 335732 or (01204) 335733 or (01204) 335782


If you suddenly become homeless and need some advice or accommodation go to your local police station after 6pm who will get in contact with the duty social worker.

Social Care

If you face a sudden unexpected social care emergency please call: (01204) 337777.

Out of hours general number

If you need to contact the council out of hours in the event of an emergency please call: (01204) 336900

Other emergency numbers

  • Greater Manchester Fire Service
    Telephone: 0161 736 5866 for general enquiries. In an emergency you should dial 999
  • Greater Manchester Police
    Telephone: (0161) 872 5050 where police attendance is required, to report other incidents and for general enquiries. In an emergency you should dial 999
  • NHS 111
    If you think you need medical help right now, 111 online can tell you what to do next. Call 111 to speak to someone if you need to:
    • discuss complex medical problems
    • discuss worries about a long-term condition
    • get end-of-life care, or report a death
    • report child protection or vulnerable adult concerns
  • Transco
    For gas emergencies and reporting leaks telephone: (0800) 111 999.