What is hazardous waste?

Waste is classed as hazardous when it has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment.

Domestic hazardous waste should be taken to a household waste recycling centre and disposed of correctly. Commercial or trade waste cannot be disposed of at a household waste recycling centre - see the Recycle for Greater Manchester website for information on how to dispose of it.


We do not provide a collection service for asbestos.

Government guidance on asbestos in the home

Our transfer stations cannot accept asbestos waste from traders or businesses, they will need to arrange for the disposal of the waste to a site licensed to take asbestos.

Any trader or business must comply with:

  • duty of care regulations
  • controlled waste regulations
  • special waste regulations


80 pesticide products have been removed from the market for commercial reasons.  They are safe to use up, as the pesticide will break down in the garden.

If you would prefer not to use the product then you can take it to a recycling centre.

Fluorescent tubes

The tubes are hazardous as they contain phosphor powder that can contaminate water courses.

They can be safely recycled any of the recycling centres

Paints and WEEE – Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Not all are classed as hazardous but we would recommend that they be disposed of at a recycling centre