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Featured in TrailTale:

  • Blackrod Ridge

    Blackrod is situated in one of the most notorious places in Bolton. Walking up and down Chorley/Manchester Road, you are bound to see some incredible scenery of the hills and valleys surrounding the town. It has been thought that the Romans built a fort here. However, no remains of that have ever been found YET.  

  • The Motions and Works of Horwich

    Horwich is a calm town steeped in history that has affected the entire area. Its industrial nature will allow you to experience the fantastic past first hand along the way.

  • The Halls and Mills of Smithills

    Bolton borough is a fantastic place to explore. However, at the heart of Smithills are Barrow Bridge Road and Barrow Bridge Model Village. This fascinating route takes you through the village and tells you about its industrial past, then along the enchanting forest and brook that borders it.

  • Historic Bolton

    Did you know that Bolton was one of the biggest towns in the north of England, well now you can travel back in time and see how far we’ve come with this exciting walk-through history.

  • Communities of Bolton

    Discover some of the most famous landmarks across the town on this captivating walk through the centre. Along the way you’ll see some terrific scenery, including some of the famous filming sites you may have seen on TV at home.

  • Little Lever Village

    Known as "The Village" to its residents in Little Lever. This adventure will take you through the town and show you various sites that have been significant in creating such an amazing place. 

  • The Mills and Parks of Farnworth

    Farnworth has a deep heritage within the industrial revolution. You can explore through the historic mills that remain in the town before navigating yourself through the vibrant parks and canals.  

  • Kearsley of Water and Coal

    This peaceful walk will be testing your eye as it may seem like there is very little to see, but there is much more than meets the eye when you know where to look. On the route you will see remnants, revealing the true history of its lively past.

  • Historic Westhoughton

    Explore the history of Westhoughton with this exciting route taking you back through time looking at its industrial roots. Riots and disasters have also left their mark, but they may not be easy for you to find.

  • Cycling the Hills of Bolton

    Fancy a cycling adventure? Well, we’ve got the trail for you as you can traverse through the borough and explore some of the fantastic scenery Bolton has to offer.