Youth MP 2024 winners - Muhammed Ammaar Nasir and Shalom Wondiam

Youth MP 2024 winners - Muhammed Ammaar Nasir (left) and Shalom Wondiam (right)

Bolton’s new Youth MPs unveiled

Bolton’s Council’s new Youth MPs have been announced following a borough wide vote that was open to all young people in Bolton.

Muhammed Ammaar Naser, (12) from Eden Boys School and Shalom Wondiam, (14) St Josephs RC High School were unveiled as the winners at a ceremony on Tuesday 12th March at Bolton Town Hall.  

This year 21,570 votes were cast in Bolton with Muhammed Ammar receiving 5775 votes, and Shalom receiving 2297 votes.

The election process started back in October 2023, where 10 young people made it through the selection process to stand as Youth MP candidates. Since then, the candidates have been working hard on their campaigns and taking part in Youth MP training.

Please read below the responses from the two new Youth Members of Parliament:

Shalom Wondiam

"I am absolutely blown away by this incredible opportunity. Thank you all so much for believing in me and entrusting me with the role of Youth MP of Bolton. I am truly honoured and humbled.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me. Your confidence in my abilities means the world to me, and I promise to work tirelessly to live up to your expectations.

As I step into this new role, I am filled with excitement and determination. I am ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead and make a positive impact in this position. I promise to bring my passion, creativity, and dedication to every task and decision. I will make it my aim to advocate for an increase in accessibility of educational resources, promotion of youth voice and so much more for the young people of Bolton.

To all those who have put their faith in me, I promise to lead with integrity, transparency, and fairness. I will strive to be a Youth MP who listens, values diverse perspectives, and promotes inclusivity.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible honour."


Muhammed Ammaar Nasir

"Winning as a youth MP is a great honour and privilege. It is a wonderful opportunity to represent the voices and concerns of young people in my community. I feel incredibly excited and motivated to make a positive impact and bring about meaningful change would strive to listen to my peers and address the issues that are important to them.

I will work tirelessly to advocate for better educational opportunities, mental health support, and initiatives that promote youth empowerment and participation in decision-making processes.

Winning as a youth MP is a significant milestone in my journey as a big pride in getting this title as it is a pride for my family, school and me myself. Thank you for helping me in this journey so far and I hope I will achieve much more with you as a youth MP."



To contact your Youth MPs and see what they get up to, please follow Bolton Youth Voice social media pages (see Links section) or contact


Our commitment to Youth Voice

Youth MP elections 2024

As part of our commitment to youth voice and encouraging young people to become active democratic citizens we are committed in Bolton to supporting young people to have a national voice through UK Youth Parliament, as such elections for our two new Youth Members of Parliament are happening throughout the period outlined above.

We have 10 Youth MP Candidates this year who are currently taking part in training around the role of a Youth MP, learning about local democracy in Bolton and creating their manifesto points and speeches.

Youth MPs over the past two years have planned and delivered events and campaigns for young people in Bolton. They have worked in partnership with the CCG, CAMHS, Bolton Youth Council, Police, Safeguarding Partnership, Great Manchester Sport, and various Charities.

They represent our young people who are looked after in Bolton by supporting the work of the Voice 4 U Children in Care Council, they have delivered Super Citizenship Days in school, represented Bolton at the House of Commons, and campaigned around improving the mental services and reducing the stigma attached to young people to name a few.

As well as representing the children and young people of Bolton; nationally and regionally Youth MPs sit on council meetings, Local Strategic Partnership meetings, Youth Action boards, meet with Senior adults from the Local Authority and partners to champion young people’s views.

What is UK Youth Parliament?

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. Over 600 candidates from around the UK take issues raised at local meetings to local and national government to make positive changes.

Make Your Mark 

UK Youth Parliament’s 'Make Your Mark' gives a unique opportunity to reach out to young people who go on to be opinion formers and leaders of the future. Make Your Mark gives all young people aged 11-18 in the UK the chance to have a say on the biggest issues facing young people. Make Your Mark takes place annually supported by Local Authorities, schools, UK Parliament, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.