Youth MPs for Bolton 2020

Harry Brannigan and Alice Harris both from Westhoughton are the new Youth MPs for Bolton, they both received the most number of votes in the Youth MP elections held across the borough.

I feel blessed and honoured to be elected as Youth MP. I would like to thank all of the people who voted for me and I can't wait to start making a difference in Bolton.
-  Harry

I feel so honoured to get the role as Bolton's Youth MP because there were so many amazing candidates and they would all have done a great job. I was really surprised when the results were announced but I am so excited to make some great changes for young people in Bolton. I am so,  so happy that 2080 young people believe in me and I won't let them down. The other candidates and I are all really great friends and I am so happy to have met these super hardworking, caring people. 
-  Alice
















What is UK Youth Parliament?

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. Over 600 candidates from around the UK take issues raised at local meetings to local and national government to make positive changes.

Young people get to choose who is in Youth Parliament by voting in this election.

What does a Youth MP do?

Once elected a Youth MP will find out the concerns, interests and needs of other young people in Bolton and then discuss these on a local, regional and national level. Youth MPs meet Councillors, MPs and other key decision makers to take forward issues of local importance.

They will also attend regional meetings and meet with the UK Youth Parliament once a year.