COVID-19 Additional Relief Fund (CARF)

The Government has provided an additional business rates support package worth £1.5 billion, to support businesses in England that have been affected by COVID-19 but are not eligible for existing support linked to business rates.

The relief is available to reduce chargeable amounts in respect of 2021/22 and those eligible for inclusion in the scheme are:

  1. ratepayers with a business rates occupied charge to pay after the deduction of other reliefs, subject to Subsidy limits, and
  2. who don’t receive or are eligible for Retail Discount or Nursery Discount in 21/22, and
  3. can evidentially demonstrate they have been adversely affected by the pandemic and have been unable to adequately adapt to that impact.

The relief cannot be used to reduce empty rate charges.

The initial application period for this scheme was 8 March 2022 to 31 March 2022, however the application period has been extended and will remain open whilst the applications made so far are reviewed and the level of relief is being set.

As the government funding for this scheme is limited, the amount of relief to be awarded to successful applicants will be determined once the initial application window has closed i.e. after 31 March 2022. Each case will be treated on its own merits with consideration to the number of applications received during the application window, the business type, the financial adverse impact of Covid in 2021-22 compared to non-Covid years and the maximum funding allocation limit and subsidy limits. Please see the Subsidy and allowances - further information document for more detail on this.

Businesses will be notified during June 2022 of the outcome of their application.

Any award of CARF will be credited to the 2021-22 business rates account. Should this result in an overpayment for 21/22 the credit will be used to offset any earlier arrears. Any credit that then remains will be refunded.

Apply for CARF

A ratepayer who falsely applies for any relief, or provides false information or makes false representation in order to gain relief may be guilty of fraud under the Fraud Act 2006. Any relief granted as a result of fraud will be subject to claw back.

Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

The application period for this scheme has ended. Payments cannot be made after 31 March 2022.

Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG)

The application period for this scheme has ended. Payments cannot be made after 31 March 2022.