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Local restrictions support grant

Changes made to this scheme, confirmed on Wednesday 14 October 2020, mean that close contact beauty businesses that had restrictions lifted on 26 September 2020 and have their own business rates account are now eligible for a payment.

On Wednesday 9 September 2020 the government announced there would be further funding to support businesses that are required to close due to localised restrictions being put in place to manage coronavirus and save lives.

This support will take the form of a grant funding scheme in financial year 2020-2021, called the local restrictions support grant (LRSG).

These grants will be issued for each two week period that a business is closed following the implementation of localised restrictions and business closures.

The grants are only available for business closures that started on or after 9 September 2020.

The government is providing funding for two schemes:

  1. For businesses that have been required to close as a result of local restrictions and have a live business rates account
  2. Approximately £30,000 will be provided for the council to use as discretionary grant funding to support businesses not included in the first scheme. Full details of our discretionary fund scheme will be published once it has been confirmed.

Who is eligible for a grant?

Businesses that were open as usual and providing in-person services to customers from their business premises and then required to close for a consecutive period of no less than three weeks as a result of regulations made under the Public Health (control of disease) Act 1984 will be eligible for this funding.

This includes non-essential retail or cafés/restaurants that operate primarily as an in-person venue but have been forced to close these services and instead provide takeaway-only services. It does not include businesses that have only had a restriction placed on their opening times.

Businesses in a local lockdown that is implemented for less than three weeks and businesses that are closed for less than three weeks are not eligible for grant funding.

The grant is only available for business closures that started on or after 9 September 2020. 

How much is the grant (business ratepayers only)

Businesses occupying hereditaments appearing on the local rating list with a rateable value less than £51,000 on the date of the commencement of the local lockdown will receive a payment of £1,000 per qualifying lockdown period.

Businesses occupying hereditaments appearing on the local rating list with a rateable value of exactly £51,000 or above on the commencement date of the local lockdown will receive £1,500 per qualifying lockdown period.

Any changes to the rating list (rateable value or to the hereditament) after the date that localised restrictions and business closures regulations came into force, including changes which have been backdated to this date, are to be ignored for the purposes of eligibility.

Businesses will be entitled to receive a grant for each eligible business rates assessment within the lockdown zone.

The current estimated time for a payment to be made is 10 days from the day the information is provided.

Exclusions to local lockdown grant fund (business ratepayers)

  • Businesses that are able to continue to trade and not required to close despite the local lockdown because they do not depend on providing direct in-person services from premises
  • Businesses that have only had a restriction placed on their opening times
  • Businesses in areas outside the scope of the local lockdown, as defined by government
  • Businesses that have chosen to close but not been required to since 9 September 2020
  • Businesses which have already received grant payments that equal the maximum levels of state aid permitted under the de minimis and the covid-19 temporary state aid framework
  • Businesses still subject to national closures (e.g. nightclubs) will not be eligible

Any business caught falsifying their records to gain grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be subject to claw back.

Apply for a local restrictions support grant

Discretionary funding criteria (for non-business ratepayers)

This business support is to help other businesses affected by closures which may not be on the business rates list.

Full details of our scheme will be published here once it has been approved.

Payments made to businesses from this discretionary fund can be any amount up to and including £1,500 and may be less than £1,000.

Businesses eligible for the discretionary element of the scheme will be entitled to receive one grant per business (not one per business premises) within the lockdown zone in each two week qualifying period.

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