Secondary school places

Secondary School places

You can apply for a secondary school place online anytime from 1 September 2023 to 31 October 2023 11:59pm.

Please register or log in to the Citizen Portal to make your application - see user guide.

You can make changes to your application until 31 October 2023 by logging to the Citizen Portal and making your amendments.  You must then resubmit your application. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email of these changes.

If you need to apply for a secondary school place after 31 October 2023, you should contact the local authority for an application form by emailing .  Your application will be classed as late and will only be considered after all those received on time.  You may not receive an offer of a school place until after 1 March 2024.

School offers will be sent on 1 March 2024.  If you have applied online, you will receive an email on that day.  You can also view your school offer and accept the place by logging into the Citizen Portal.  If you applied using a paper form, you will receive a letter in the post with your school offer.