Schools application FAQ

Will my details and those of my child be secure? 

See our Pupil and student services - privacy notice

What details will be requested on the online application form? 

To apply online you will need an email address – this is how we will contact you.

If I can’t finish the application in one go can I save it and recall it later?

Your application does not need to be completed and submitted straight away. You can save your application and return at a later date to make changes and submit. Once you have started the process you should ensure that you don’t start a new application, you can recall and continue the application that has already been started.

Can I make changes to my application once it is submitted?

For Reception and Secondary applications, you can recall your application and make changes at any time, you must make sure that the application is resubmitted each time to ensure that has been added to your child’s record.

If you are moving your child's school place during the year (including those arriving into the country) then you will first need to close your current application in the Citizen Portal.  You will then be able to start a new application including the changes you wished to make. 

How will I know my changes have been made?

A confirmation email will be sent to you each time you submit or resubmit an application. This email will show the schools that you have applied for.

Will my application receive any preference if I apply online?

Using the online process to apply does not give you a higher priority for a school place.  All applications are processed according to the published admission policy for the schools that you have added as preferences.

How will I find out the result of my application?

Once your application has been processed and a school has been allocated you will receive an email with your offer of a school place.  You will be able to view your offer and any updates to your application by logging into the Citizen Portal and going back in to the 'School Admissions' area.