What is a Local Search?

A Local Search is part of the legal process to transfer the ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. Most people opt to hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to do this, but searches can also be carried out by individuals or personal search companies.

The majority of mortgage lenders insist on an official local search being carried out which is in two parts.

The official local search comprises of two parts:

LLC1 – Part one is the official Local Land Charges Certificate which is a record of all the local land charges registered against the property. The register contains:

  • outstanding liabilities for road and other financial charges;
  • tree preservation orders;
  • conditional planning consents and agreements;
  • notices relating to the making of a compulsory purchase order, to name but a few.

CON29 – Part two is the Enquiries of Local Authorities Form which asks a series of questions which provide information relating to the property such as:

  • road schemes;
  • the planning history;
  • proposed yellow lines or road calming measures;
  • tree preservation orders to be made;
  • various notices which affect the property.

How do I perform the local search?

  • E-mails can be sent to Bolton Council’s Spatial Data Group direct with the details of the type of search required, along with the address and a plan showing the boundaries of the property in red. Within the e-mail you must state your willingness to pay and state that a cheque will be forwarded (see service costs table).You can also contact us by using NLIS (National Land Information Service) which is an electronic hub. This also offers a secure portal and payment mechanism;
  • Your solicitor or conveyancer can request searches on your behalf;
  • You may choose to select a personal search company to do the search for you.

The Local Authority is the sole provider of Official Local Searches (LLC1 search of the Local Land Charges Register + the CON29 – Enquiries of the Local Authority).  Any information given is guaranteed by Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and compensation for inaccuracies is guaranteed for 7 years (any other provider of searches other than the Local Authority does not have this guarantee).

How much does the service cost?

Charges are as follows. These include VAT charges on CON29 questions.

                                 Service    Cost 
 Full Search (CON29 and LLC1)  £152.00
 LLC1 (search of Land Charges register only)  £56.00
 CON29  £96.00
 CON29O  £24.00 (each question)
 Additional Questions  £30.00 (each question)
 Personal Search  No Charge
 Individual sub questions (CON29)  £4.80
 Additional Parcels of Land (adjoining) for LLC1  £1.00 each
 Additional Parcels of Land (adjoining) for CON29  £10.80 each

A list of charges, including the VAT breakdown, is available on the downloads tab.

View the charges and access arrangements for each question

How to make payment?

  • Only client account cheques are accepted.
  • Card payments are not currently available; we apologise for any inconvenience.

Please post to: Spatial Data, 3rd Floor, Town Hall, Victoria Square, Bolton, BL1 1RU.

When can I expect a response?

Bolton Council aims to return results on the same working day if submitted before 3pm or next working day if submitted after 3pm.

Searches can be returned by:

  • Email;
  • Post;
  • Electronically by National Land Information Service.

Searches via the National Land Information Service (NLIS)

The NLIS is a joint initiative between Central and Local Government to provide land and property related information electronically. It also includes other organisations e.g. the Land Registry, the Coal Authority and the Water Authority.


  • Secure and fast response times;
  • Online handling of refunds and cancellations;
  • Streamlined billing and reconciliation;
  • Preserved data provider statutory indemnities;
  • Regulated search environment;
  • Provide you with a full audit trail and workflow records.

Personal Searches

Bolton Council has a self service option for Personal Searches. No appointments are necessary. The Local Land Charges register will be open for inspection at the One Stop Shop reception in Bolton Town Hall. A procedure note will be available.

  • The One Stop Shop is open from 8.00am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 9.00am until 1.00pm (Monday is the busiest day);
  • The Register can be inspected and will allow the Personal Searcher to make notes only - editing records or printing will not be possible;
  • If the customer requires a collated report, the fee for an Official Search is £56.00. This will be completed by Development Officers (Spatial Data) contactable on 01204 331137 or by e-mail at spatialdatagroup@bolton.gov.uk

Personal searches are not covered by Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975, which relates to compensation for loss.

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