Westhoughton has a two-tier system of Local Government. Bolton Council is the major authority and administers Highways, Social Services, Education, Planning, Licensing, Environment, Leisure Services, and Housing and Council Tax benefits. Homes for Bolton administers housing.

Westhoughton elects three councillors for the Westhoughton South Ward (which covers the Central, Daisy Hill and Hoskers and Hart Common Wards of the Westhoughton Town Council) and three Councillors for the Westhoughton North and Chew Moor Ward (which covers the White Horse, Wingates and Chequerbent Wards of the Westhoughton Town Council).

The Westhoughton Town Council is the second authority comprising eighteen Town Councillors – four Town Councillors for Central and White Horse Wards, three for the Daisy Hill and Hoskers and Hart Common Wards and two for Wingates and Chequerbent Wards.  Normally the whole Town Council is elected for a four year period, 2023 being the next election for the Westhoughton Town Council. Town Councillors do not receive any payment or expenses for carrying out duties or attending Council meetings.

The Westhoughton Town Council considers planning applications that affect Westhoughton and subsequently informs Bolton Council’s Planning Committee of the Town Council’s views and comments. The Town Council is actively involved in major planning issues, such as new road proposals, new housing developments and the development of the town centre. The Town Council has funded the capital cost of several highway safety projects in Westhoughton.

The Westhoughton Town Council has pursued policies to improve facilities and promote Westhoughton. Examples include:

  • civic medals, a Young Citizen of the Year Award and an Environmental Award for people who have rendered great service to Westhoughton
  • the Christmas lighting display and carol service
  • the Remembrance Day parade
  • funding for the repair of public footpaths
  • repairs in Lee Bank Park and local nature reserves
  • youth, sporting and recreational facilities
  • the Get Active Westhoughton Youth Project and the Bolton Lads & Girls Club Outreach and detached project – Westhoughton
  • solar powered driver speed signs and “Kill Speed” signs
  • the refurbishment of the war memorial
  • a memoriam board to commemorate local servicemen who lost their lives in the Second World War
  • financially supported local youth groups and voluntary and sporting organisations
  • the ‘Welcome to Westhoughton’ boundary signs
  • the Wingates Band signs; and
  • a hire car used as a Policing Team Vehicle

The Pretoria Pit Disaster Centenary Memorial was funded by the Town Council, along with some other donations.

21st December, 2010 was the centenary anniversary of the Pretoria Pit Disaster and the Town Council arranged a special Centenary Anniversary Service of Remembrance, which was conducted in the Parish Church of St Bartholomew.

The Town Council meets regularly with local police officers to discuss any problems in the town. The Horwich and Westhoughton Town Councils and other partners formed the Horwich and Westhoughton CCTV partnership which was successful in obtaining a Home Office grant to fund the capital cost of installing CCTV in the Horwich and Westhoughton town centres. The Horwich and Westhoughton Town Councils also contributed towards the capital costs. The Partnership was dissolved and the Town Council now administers the Westhoughton CCTV scheme and funds ongoing operational and maintenance costs. The scheme is monitored at the Middlebrook monitoring station and helps reduce crime in the town centre.

The Town Council’s Homewatch Liaison Officer promotes new schemes and services existing schemes and Bolton Council funds the Homewatch signs. Enquiries on Homewatch matters should be made to:

Mr K Jackson
Tel: 0790 403 8176


Members of the press and public are welcome to attend meetings of the Town Council which has two meetings each month, held in the Council Chamber at Westhoughton Town Hall on the following days:

Planning and  Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting – second Monday of the month at 7pm
Town Council meeting – last Monday of the month at 7pm

Any other meetings are notified and agendas and minutes are regularly posted on the Town Council notice board which is situated at the front of Westhoughton Town Hall.

When Planning Applications are being considered, an applicant or any neighbour who may be affected by any planning application under discussion, is allowed to verbally express views and opinions to the Town Council. Anyone wishing to speak on a planning application should contact the Town Clerk prior to the meeting.

Members of the public are permitted to raise matters relating to Town Council activities or items within its powers only with the Town Council at 7.00 p.m. at Town Council Meetings and at 7.00 p.m. at Planning and Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings.

Inquiries regarding meetings should be made to:

The Town Clerk,
Town Hall,
Market Street
BL5 3AW.
Answer Phone:  01942 819802
E-mail: townclerk@westhoughtontc.gov.uk

A free telephone is available at Westhoughton Town Hall and a free computer is available at Westhoughton Library.  Authorities such as Utilities, Police, Health should be contacted directly.

The Town Council funds are raised through an added charge on the amount levied by Bolton Council through Council Tax. Council Tax is collected by Bolton Council.