Still birth occurs when a child is born after 24 weeks of pregnancy and does not at any time after being born breathe or show any sign of life i.e. does not have an existence separate from its mother.

Before registration there must be evidence that the child was not born alive and that it was born after 24 weeks of pregnancy. This is usually shown by a medical certificate issued by the doctor or midwife.

A still birth should be registered at the Register Office in Bolton Town Hall.

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Alternatively, you can call 01204 331185.

What you’ll be asked

  • The date and place of the still birth
  • The full name of the still born child if one has been given
  • Fathers full name at the time of the still birth
  • Fathers place of birth
  • Father’s occupation
  • Father’s usual address
  • Mothers full name at the time of the still birth
  • Mothers place of birth
  • Mother’s occupation
  • Mother’s usual address
  • Mothers maiden surname if applicable