You need to make an appointment to register your baby’s birth within 42 days in the town or city where the baby was born.

Find out who can register a birth and what information is needed.

Babies born in Bolton

If you cannot attend your appointment, please let us know.  We operate a strict appointment system and if you arrive late we cannot guarantee that you will be seen and you may be asked to make another appointment.

Due to ongoing maintenance work, online booking of appointments to register a birth in Bolton is currently unavailable.

Please call the service using 01204 331185 to book an appointment. The online system should be available again soon.

Attending an appointment 

If parents are married when the baby is born, either parent may register the birth.

However if the baby’s parents are not married, and they want the father’s details to be included in the register, both parents should attend the office together to register the birth.

If the parents are not married it is not necessary to have the father’s details in the register.  You can register without the father’s details but add those in at a later date if you wish.  You can do this by re-registering.  This means if you later marry the child’s natural father or simply wish to add his details you can apply by completing an application form.

Can I register a baby born in Bolton anywhere else at the moment?

For residents of Bury and Salford, rather than attending Bolton Town Hall, if you prefer, you can register the birth of any baby born in Bolton at the following register offices. Please note you need to live in the relevant district to utilise this service:

Salford Register Office

Salford Register Office operates a strict appointment system.  You must not attend the office without booking an appointment as you will not be allowed access.  You can make an appointment online or alternatively if you do not have access to the online system you can telephone 0161 793 2500.

Book an appointment at Salford Register Office

Bury Register Office

Bury Register Office operates a strict appointment system.  You must not attend the office without booking an appointment as you will not be allowed access.  Bookings can be made via their website.

Register a birth at Bury Register Office

Babies born outside of Bolton

Your baby must be registered in the district where the birth took place.

Find a register office

If you are a Bolton resident and wish to make a declaration in relation to a baby born in another district, please contact the office on 01204 331185.

Information needed to register

You will be asked for the following information:

  • The date and place of birth. If the birth is one of twins etc then the times of births will be required
  • The baby’s first name, last name and sex
  • The baby’s parents’ names, dates and place of birth
  • The baby’s parents occupations
  • The baby’s parents address(es)
  • The baby’s mother’s maiden name
  • The date of the baby’s parents marriage and number of previous children

Documents to help us record the details

  • For each parent who attends you can bring proof of your identity. This can be a passport or a full birth certificate
  • If you are married or have entered into a civil partnership you can bring your marriage certificate or civil partnership
  • For each parent who attends you can bring proof of address which may be a driving licence, recent utility bill or your council tax bill

Once the registration is complete, you will be asked to check the information entered in the register carefully and to sign that it is correct.  Please ensure that you read through all the details thoroughly and check all spellings are shown correctly.

A mistake can be corrected before you sign the register. However if you notice an error after the registration and wish for it to be corrected, there will be a consideration fee to pay, which will be £83 or £99 dependent on the type of correction you require.  Please note that if you are unable to provide evidence of the error a correction may not be possible.

Birth Certificates

Once the baby has been registered you can purchase one of two types of certificate for a charge of £12.50.

  • Short certificate – This shows the baby’s name, sex and date of birth. This certificate has limited usage.
  • Full certificate – Contains all the details in the birth register.