Published: Thursday, 17th Sep 2020

Bolton Council has issued a statement about problems people have had today at the Moor Lane test site

A Bolton Council spokesperson said: “We are incredibly frustrated by what has happened today at the Moor Lane test site.

“Something has clearly gone wrong with the national booking system.

“We understand there were IT issues with the government portal, which could have resulted in people either not receiving QR codes or appointments being double booked.

"It has unfortunately meant that people have been turned away despite having appointments. 

“It also caused a huge backlog of traffic which resulted in parts of the town coming to a standstill earlier today.

“Council staff physically went to the centre and insisted that people were not turned away, which did help somewhat and motorists were then allowed in.

“We are awaiting an explanation from the government as to what has gone wrong and we urge them to fix this.

“This cannot be allowed to happen again.”