Published: Tuesday, 22nd Oct 2019

Pupils from Leverhulme Community Primary School have scooped the top prize in a recycling competition.

HLeverhulme Parkundreds of children from primary schools across the borough signed up to take part in the challenge, organised earlier this year by Bolton Council.

The competition was held to encourage both pupils and parents to recycle the correct items – paper and card – in their beige bins.

Entrants had the opportunity to win a cash prize for their school to use on equipment or activities.

The winning school, Leverhulme Community Primary in Breightmet, won £130.

Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services Delivery, Cllr Adele Warren, said: “What a brilliant achievement! Well done to Leverhulme and all the schools who signed up for the competition.

“The competition really helped children and parents to work as a team at home to check and improve their recycling.

“It’s great to see we have a generation of young recyclers, and how interested they are in doing their bit for the planet.”

Council recycling officers visited schools to introduce the competition and to educate the children about what can and cannot be recycled in different bins.

Children were each given two tags to attach to their beige bin when they were happy that their recycling bin only contained the correct items.

The school with the most tags on correctly filled bins was declared the winner.

Headteacher Sarah Curley, added: “‘We are so proud of the Leverhulme commitment to the project and recycling.

“In our community, we are a whole team who works hard together and would like to take this opportunity to also thank our families and eco-council for their hard work supporting this project.”