Published: Thursday, 15th Nov 2018

There has been a large fire on Wednesday night in a warehouse in Little Hulton which has affected the area.


You may have heard that there was a large fire in Little Hulton on Wednesday night. The fire has now been put out, but clumps of debris may have been carried into other areas.

The building is understood to contain low level asbestos material and it is possible ash or debris from the building may have been deposited in surrounding residential areas and over the vicinity.

However, Public Health England have said that there is no significant health concern.

  • If you find debris from the fire on your property, you are advised to leave it alone. If there is evidence of debris in your garden avoid disturbing the material, for example do not mow the lawn until it has been cleared up and removed.
  • Do not sweep up or vacuum ash or debris as this could contain airborne dust.

If you experience any symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, watery eyes or a cough as a result of the fire please contact your GP or NHS 111 as appropriate.

We will update the page when further information is available.