Published: Tuesday, 10th Oct 2017

New flashing speed road warning signs urging drivers to slow down are a step closer.

A report is set to go before the Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Nick Peel, on Monday (Oct 16), to seek approval to go through a tender process for the new signs.

The proposal is to install sixty driver feedback signs across Bolton.

In total up to two signs could be located in each ward, in locations suggested by local councillors and residents. Twenty one speed signs could also be installed on the main highway network at locations where there are existing speeding concerns.

The signs will clearly advertise the speed at which an approaching vehicle is travelling and warn drivers to slow down if their speed is above the limit for the road.

The council committed to replacing and upgrading the current driver feedback signs across the borough as part of its budget in February.

The total cost of this project is an estimated £380,000 and is part of a wider £1m investment into making the town’s roads safer.
Cllr Peel said the new signs were part of the council’s commitment to make the borough’s roads safer.

He said: “Road safety is extremely important to us. We know from the signs we installed around 10 years ago that they do help in reducing vehicle speed.

“The majority of these signs have now reached the end of their product life cycle and is not possible to restore them to a good working condition.

“As part of the £1 million investment, we have already rolled out 20mph schemes across the borough, installed new flashing 20mph warning signs in the vicinity of schools and we have just finished consulting on introducing 15 new zebra crossing facilities near schools,” he added.

The tender process is expected to take several months. Once a contractor for the work has been secured, installation of the new signs could take place in mid-2018.