Published: Wednesday, 17th Nov 2021

COVID-19 has not gone away, the virus is still circulating in our community and it is vital we all take steps to stop it from spreading.

COVID still here campaignThe vaccine programme has weakened the link between cases, hospitalisations and deaths but COVID still poses a significant risk to our health, our children’s education and the local economy.

To help combat this, Bolton Council has launched a new awareness campaign to remind everyone that “COVID’s Still Here”.

Working with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the campaign will run across social media, outdoor advertising, local radio and streaming platforms like Spotify.

It stresses the importance of keeping everyone safe through useful tips including:

  • Getting vaccinated  
  • Letting fresh air in if you meet indoors (and meeting outdoors is safer)
  • Wearing a face covering in crowded and enclosed settings where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet  
  • Getting tested, and self-isolate if required 
  • Trying to stay at home if you are feeling unwell 
  • Washing your hands  
  • Downloading and using the NHS COVID-19 app 

Bolton Council’s Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Lowey, said:

“This new campaign will provide a useful reminder that COVID has not gone away.

“After restrictions were lifted earlier this year, and as we head into the winter months, there is a real risk that cases will increase.

“I urge everyone to look out for the COVID’s Still Here campaign and follow the advice to help keep Bolton safe and to help keep everything open through the winter.”