Published: Friday, 29th Jan 2021

A telephone survey on the relationships between childhood adversity and health and wellbeing during COVID-19 is taking place across Bolton.

DJS Research Ltd is conducting the survey on behalf of Bolton Council, in collaboration with Public Health Wales and Bangor University.

Members of DJS Research may contact you to ask you to take part (on 01663 761697). More information:

The information you provide will be anonymous and confidential.

A pilot of the survey will start on 15th December 2020 and the main survey will run from the start of January 2021.

Thank you in advance for giving your time to support this work.

For queries, please email or call: 01204 337859 (Monday-Friday, 9-5).

DJS Research are undertaking this survey on behalf of Bolton Council. They are working with Public Health Wales NHS Trust and Bangor University to explore how childhood experiences relate to health and well-being during the coronavirus pandemic. The survey includes questions about individuals’ experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and about health, social and family experiences, including questions on childhood adversities such as maltreatment. Some of the questions are quite sensitive in nature, but all questions are voluntary.

Only people aged 18 years and over who live in Bolton are being asked to take part in the study. Telephone numbers have been randomly selected for participation.

The answers we receive will help us understand who needs most support now and what measures we can put in place to prepare for any future threats to health. They will help us prevent harmful experiences happening to others and provide better support to those already affected.

There are support groups available if you need help for any of the issues raised.