Children's questions about fostering

Would I have to share my bedroom with a fostered child?

NO: We would never ask you to share a bedroom with a fostered child.

Would a fostered child be able to come on holiday with us?

YES: Fostered children need to have the same fun and opportunities as you do and going on holiday is good for everybody.

Would a fostered child go to the same school as me?

MAYBE: It depends where they already go and what decisions are made by the Social Workers.

Will I be able to keep in touch with fostered children after they leave?

MAYBE: Sometimes you might be able to keep in touch by phone or letter and sometimes you might be able to visit children that have moved on. There will also be times when you will not be able to keep in touch at all it depends on the circumstances.

Can I tell my friends all about a child that is staying with us?

NO: Everyone has the right to keep information about them private. If you foster there will be rules about what you can or cannot share with other people and there will be things your parent(s) may not tell you.

Will my parent(s) still have time for me if we foster?

YES: You will need to share your parent(s)’ time and may sometimes have to wait to spend time with them doing the things you want. The good thing about fostering though is that there will be other children around to have good times with.

I have heard that children only end up in foster care if they have been naughty or done something wrong, is that true?

Children have to be fostered for all sorts of reasons. It may be that their mum or dad is ill or that they cannot manage looking after them. You may not always know the exact reason but children are never to blame for what happens to them.

Will I have to share all my stuff if we foster?

NO: Your private things will stay your private things and you will be able to keep them safe in your room. A fostered child will also have things that they want to keep to themselves. Hopefully, you will want to share some of your belongings with them and, with any luck, they will want to share their things with you.

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