We are a film friendly authority with some great locations for all types of productions.  2021 was by far the busiest year of production facilitation that we have ever dealt with.  Over 20 productions filmed in Bolton during 2021 and 2022 so far has been just as busy..

Last year, returning favourites such as Peaky Blinders (Series 6), Coronation Street, Brassic (Series 3) Traces (Series 2) along with new dramas Wolfe, Ridley Road, plus comedy Alma's Not Normal and several others all filmed at our most prestigous location, the former Magistrates Court.  When It's a Sin was screened, Le Mans Crescent was instantly recognisable in one of the programmes most iconic scenes.

2022 will see more new dramas shown which were filmed in Bolton last year - The Ipcress File, Red Rose, No Return, Sherwood, The Rising, Wedding Season and The Reckoning to name but a few.

These all come on the back of the likes of The Stranger, Cobra, Intergalactic, Years and Years, Bancroft and Last Tango in Halifax, and we have also seen Sylvestor Stallone running up our town hall steps. 

You will recognise some of our iconic architecture, outstanding countryside and green spaces but we also have fabulous internal spaces such as court rooms, cells, former retail units and office space to offer as filming locations.  We also have centrally located spaces which can be used as a unit base. 

We can arrange to attend recces and tech recces, work with location managers and other key production team members to ensure they have all the information about the location to hand. 

So whether you need locations for productions, commercials, permission to use Council land for small scale filming, or are just looking for GV's, Voxpops, Library or Museum items (for filming purposes only), student filming or corporate promotions please enquire as below. 

As a minimum we require a copy of your public liability insurance (£10million cover level minimum) and RAMS before any filming will be granted permission.

Whilst we are very film friendly, we are also a small team and it can take in the region of 10 working days to reply to a filming request.  Long lead in times also need to factored in particulary for the closing of roads (more details below).   

You must ensure your location is available and that you have permission to film before setting your filming date(s). 

You can enquire about filming in Bolton by emailing marketingeventsteam@bolton.gov.uk.

For news broadcasts whether pre-recorded or live OB's, this is separate to our filming facilitation service and all such requests need to be emailed to pressoffice@bolton.gov.uk or visit our news media page.

Essential Information

Road Closures for Filming

If you are seeking to close a road then this requires a minimum of 6-8 weeks lead in time.  In some circumstances it can be upto 12 weeks.  You will need to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order from the Councils Highways Department.  Recces with Bolton Council must take place before any Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is applied for.  The details and cost can be found here - https://www.bolton.gov.uk/roads-pavements/road-closures-restrictions

Usage of Drones for Filming

Bolton Council does not have its own policy on the usage of Drones for any purpose.  The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for the airspace and as such all regulations and guidance can be found at https://www.caa.co.uk/drones/ and https://register-drones.caa.co.uk/

However should you require to use a Drone for the purposes of TV/Movie or Corporate filming on Bolton Council land then you must engage with Bolton Council.  Advanced planning and liaison must take place with the CAA, Bolton Council and any other stakeholders. 

All documentation to be submitted no later than 7 working days before the filming day. 

Such documentation could include, but is not limited to: 

  • proof of CAA approval to use the airspace (if applicable),
  • take-off and landing zone plans (if Council land),
  • light paths, people management and traffic management plans (if applicable),
  • copy of the drone pilots certification,
  • insurance and reference details of the drone to be used on the day, along with RAMS and PL insurance of £10million minimum.  Charges also apply.

If you are looking to use a Drone to carry out a site survey to assess building works for example, this is dealt with separately to this filming facilitation service and the contact email is CPS_ClientTeam@bolton.gov.uk.

We cannot offer advice on the flying of drones for purposes which are not in relation to TV/movie or corporate filming and would advise contacting the CAA as above.

Filming in the Rivington area

If you are looking to film in the Rivington area, the pike, gardens, or Winter Hill mast, unfortunately these locations are not in Bolton.  Your liaison would need to be with  Chorley Council  or United Utilities.