Voting has now finished

Due to the current circumstances we have postponed results until next week.

The current Bolton Youth MP's Ella Tinniswood, aged 13, from Westhoughton, and Jonathan Owen, aged 15, from Hall i'th' Wood will shortly be coming to an end. They are deputised by Molly McDermott from Bolton St Catherine's Academy and Nat Entwistle from Thornleigh Salesian College.  As part of their roles the Youth MP's are responsible for finding out the concerns, interests and needs of other young people in Bolton, and discuss these at local, regional and national levels. They also meet with MPs, councillors, and key decision makers, attend regional meetings and sit with the UK Youth Parliament in the House of Commons once a year.

What is UK Youth Parliament?

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. Over 600 candidates from around the UK take issues raised at local meetings to local and national government to make positive changes.

Young people get to choose who is in Youth Parliament by voting in this election.

What does a Youth MP do?

Once elected a Youth MP will find out the concerns, interests and needs of other young people in Bolton and then discuss these on a local, regional and national level. Youth MPs meet Councillors, MPs and other key decision makers to take forward issues of local importance.

They will also attend regional meetings and meet with the UK Youth Parliament once a year.

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Youth Member of Parliament Elections 2020

Monday 24th February – Monday 23rd March 2020

As part of our commitment to youth voice and encouraging young people to become active democratic citizens we are committed in Bolton to supporting young people to have a national voice through UK Youth Parliament. As such elections for our two new Youth Members of Parliament are happening throughout the period outlined above.

We have 11 Youth MP candidates this year who are currently taking part in training around the role of a Youth MP, learning about local democracy in Bolton and creating their manifesto points and speeches.

Youth MP’s over the past two years have planned and delivered on the Youth Vision Conference for young people and have facilitated many consultation events in Bolton. They have worked in partnership with the CCG, CAMHS, Bolton Youth Council, Police, Safeguarding Partnership and directors to create a ‘Question Time’ styled event on World Mental Health Day.

They represent our young people who are looked after in Bolton by supporting the work of the Voice 4 U Children in Care Council, they have delivered Super Citizenship Days in school, represented Bolton at the House of Commons and campaigned around improving the mental health services and reducing the stigma attached to young people to name a few.

As well as representing the children and young people of Bolton; nationally Youth MP’s sit on Council meetings, Local Strategic Partnership meetings, meet with senior adults from the Local Authority and partners to champion young people’s views.

On a Greater Manchester level, our Youth MP’s sit on the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority, projects they have been involved in the creation of the ‘Our Pass’ card for all young people aged 16-18 years old and support curriculum for life in schools.

One of our Youth MP’s is on the steering group for the North West Youth Forum, known as Youthforia. These meetings bring together Youth MP’s, Young Mayors and Youth Councillors from across the North West to work on regional campaigns.

Our online voting page will be live from Monday 24th February to Monday 23rd March 2020.


“Together we work better”

If I become Bolton’s Next Youth MP I will:

  • Tackle prejudice and encourage young people to be proud of their differences.
  • Work with relevant agencies to promote self-love in all young people.
  • Strive to create a stronger, healthier community for young people in Bolton.


“A vote for me, is a vote for you!”

As your Youth MP I will:

  • Work with schools to educate teachers on living in foster care.
  • Work with Police and community centres to help decrease knife crime.
  • Work to tackle the stigma around Mental Health.


“Because it all starts with us!”


  • I will aim to advise schools and youth clubs on how to be more environmentally friendly.
  • I will aim to work with the relevant groups to help support young people with additional needs.
  • I will aim is to make ALL young people aware of different pronouns/sexualities.


“These great changes will make a greater Bolton”


  • My main aim is to improve the standard of learning for ALL, therefore ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities in school.
  • My next goal is to protect young people from bullying on Bolton’s streets and to educate them about the current violent knife crimes.
  • And finally, I will encourage young people to be more aware about the environmental crisis, to make Bolton a healthier place to live in.


“It’s our time and it’s time for change”


  • I will bring more support to people coping with the loss of a loved one.
  • I will ensure that young people are taught more practical skills they will use in later life.
  • I will strive to address disadvantages young people face and work to promote positive opportunities.


“Use your voice to have a choice!”

As your Youth MP, I will:

  • Work with schools to provide vital life lessons needed for your future.
  • Inform young people on how they can access support on their Mental Health and learn how to use with this essential life skill.
  • Strive to make young people feel safe when they are out in the community of Bolton.


“Your voice, your choice. Vote for me to make your noise!”

As your Youth MP my main aims will be:

  • To promote awareness for job apprenticeships and work experience.
  • To keep young people informed on how to lower carbon emissions.
  • To help young people be aware on how to keep safe from knife crime.


“Our voice shapes our Future


  • I want all young people to feel confident to talk about Mental Health.
  • I will create a better environment for young people to grow up in.
  • I will encourage young people to embrace individuality.


“My voice today, is your voice tomorrow”

As your Youth MP, I will:

  • Create an awareness so that young people know what they can do to protect the environment.
  • Work to combat mental health and other related issues.
  • Strive for unique talents to be recognised.


“Vote for me for a Bolton that you can believe in”

As a Youth MP I am aiming to:

  • Enhance the political education young people receive.
  • Campaign further for voting responsibilities at 16.
  • Increase the awareness of resources that are available to children and young people who struggle financially.


“We are today's youth, but tomorrow's leaders!”

As your Youth MP, I will:

  • Bring to light the increasing strain that poor mental health has on young people today.
  • Strive to protect the natural environment around us by promoting more eco-friendly projects.
  • Encourage schools to teach us more of the essential life skills that ACTUALLY matter to YOU.