If you are aged over 18, your personal adviser will help you to find suitable accommodation. This might involve:

  • working with Housing Services to come up with suitable housing options for you, including supported accommodation if you are not ready or don’t want to have your own tenancy
  • if this is what you and your foster carers want, supporting you to remain with your foster carers under what’s called a ‘Staying Put’ arrangement. This can last until you are 21
  • support to access different housing options including social housing (this is accommodation managed by us or a housing association)
  • advice about holding down a tenancy, including avoiding rent or Council Tax arrears, paying bills and budgeting. We know it can be very hard having your own place for the first time. We will do whatever we can to ease the pressures on you
  • helping you to claim housing benefit/universal credit
  • practical support with moving into and furnishing your new home
  • supporting you if you have a housing crisis, including helping if you are threatened with or lose a tenancy [NB: care leavers aged 18-20 are treated as a priority need group in homelessness legislation]