The different types of grave available are:

Traditional grave spaces

  • the grave would be able to have a full headstone and surround after burial
  • must be built on a concrete base supplied by the council

Lawn-type graves

  • the headstone can have a marble or granite vase plate on which flowers and wreaths can be placed
  • after the burial the grave is made level and grassed over
  • we will maintain these areas at no extra cost, because of this nothing is allowed to be placed or grown on are around the grave

Cremated remains

  • there  are specific areas for cremated remains at each of our cemeteries
  • cremated remains can also be placed in purchased graves

Normally your funeral director will help to make the necessary arrangements.  If you would like to make the arrangements yourself please contact us.

Consecrated areas

Most of our cemeteries have consecrated (blessed as sacred) and un-consecrated area where you can buy graves. The consecrated ground is consecrated by the Church of England.

Un-purchased graves

  • the right to burial cannot be bought and we have control over the grave.
  • we decide who will be buried in the grave, this may not be members of the same family
  • no headstones or other memorial features can be put up

Purchased grave

  • the right of the burial can be bought for a period of 99 years
  • the owner of the right to burial can decide who will be buried in the grave and memorials are allowed in line with our cemetery regulations