Who needs a licence?

You will need a licence if:

  • alcohol is sold by retail sale or supplied by a members club
  • entertainment is provided (music, dancing, cinemas, theatres, indoor sports, boxing and wrestling)
  • hot food is provided between 11pm and 5am

There are two types of licence you may need:

  • personal licence
  • premises licence

How to apply

Personal licence

Please complete and return the Personal Licence Application form.

Please ensure you read the guidance notes before applying.

Premises licence

Please read the Premises licence application guidance notes and then complete the relevant application forms from the downloads section.

How much does it cost?

Please see fees and charges for details.

Other requests

You will need a licence or permission for varying and transferring, and for temporary events. Please see the downloads section for the relevant application form.

Temporary events

Apply for a temporary event notice

Search for a temporary event notice

Relevant representations

A copy of the representation will be sent to the applicant, and if necessary, arrangements will be made for our Licensing Act 2003 Sub-Committee to hear the application and the representations made to it. Hearings will take place in public, although the Sub-Committee may in certain instances decide that it is in the public interest to hold hearings in private.

The details of all valid representations (including the names and addresses of those making representations) will be included in a report that we will prepare for the hearing. These reports are public documents and we are required by law to publish them. 

All who have made representations will be invited to attend any hearing, as will the applicant. 

Any person or responsible authority may be assisted or represented by any person at the hearing regardless of whether that person is legally qualified.

We will notify everyone of the date and time of the hearing and provide details of the procedure to be followed at the hearing. Only persons that have made a relevant representation, or their representative, can present evidence. Any new evidence should be served on all the parties to the hearing before the hearing date to allow proper consideration.

At the hearing the Sub-Committee will decide whether to grant the application in full or in part, and if granted what conditions should be imposed on the licence. The papers relating to any hearing will be published online.