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What is the evidence base?

The evidence base provides useful facts and information to help inform the development of planning policy. As a whole, it includes existing strategies and policy documents, consultation responses including the views of local residents and factual information including the results of studies. The downloads tab shows information on the following topics:

Brownfield Register Pilot

In 2016, Bolton Council joined a DCLG-funded pilot to develop a brownfield register. This pilot brownfield register (PBR) aimed to show relevant brownfield land that is either deliverable or developable in each of the local authorities. Bolton council identified relevant sites based on DCLG-provided criteria.

Sites identified through this process do not have automatic permission in principle, nor is any permission granted other than through current planning procedures and policy.

The provision of this database is designed to support future housing developments across Bolton. Identifying potential sites for development should support new developments on existing brownfield land.

You can download the PBR for Bolton from the download tab at the top of this page.

Additionally, you can view the sites directly on the Greater Manchester Open Data Infrastructure website (http://mappinggm.org.uk/gmodin/), alongside a range of potential constraints or considerations for the sites.

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