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You can find a variety of savings for your weekly shop on VivUp’s Lifestyle Savings page!

Use the discounts to make big savings on the things that matter at retailers including Tesco, M&S, John Lewis, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Iceland!


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Find out what offers are available from businesses to help with the cost of living:


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Too good to go

Our mission? To make sure good food gets eaten, not wasted. Every day, delicious, fresh food goes to waste at cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and manufacturers - just because it hasn’t sold in time. The Too Good To Go app lets customers buy and collect Magic Bags of this food - at a great price - directly from businesses.


Join millions of neighbours all over the world who are using OLIO to share more, care more and waste less. Give & get free stuff and borrow & lend household items – all directly from your community.

Also see Money Saving Expert’s free or cheap food guide for how to use Olio.


Kitche it don’t ditch it. Upload the food you have at home to the app and keep track of what you already have. The app then finds 1000s of recipes, based on products you have.

The app also gives you tips to reduce food waste.


The app rewards users for buying products listed within the app.

Use the app to find offers on groceries. Keep your receipt from your weekly shop and upload it to the app. CheckoutSart will then put cashback in your account


Bolton Market

Have a look at the market Facebook page for events and deals at the market:


Compare grocery prices

Compare 15+ supermarkets, discover daily deals, and create smart shopping lists to save as much as 30% on your next grocery trip


Money Saving Expert

From supermarkets and fast-food chains to high-end restaurants, we've 16 tips to grab free grub (or at least get it super-cheap) including how to get PAID to dine out.


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Looking for cheap meal ideas? Check out these sites and see what you can save:



  • If you have a microwave, it's usually cheaper than an oven
    Microwaves are high wattage but tend to be used for less time, and crucially they only heat the water in food, not the air surrounding it as in an oven, so there's less wasted energy. We've estimated that microwaving a jacket potato often costs 25% or less of what it would cost oven-cooking one.
  • Slow cookers can help with cheap batch cooking
    Batch cooking involves preparing all your meals for the week or a few days ahead at the same time. This helps cut costs as it means you waste less food and also means you're less tempted to opt for an expensive takeaway when you can't be bothered to cook, as the meal will already be prepared.
  • Plan meals ahead and use what you already have