Workforce development training programme 2020/2021

We offer comprehensive, high quality training courses to suit the mandatory and essential training requirements of the children’s workforce. The training is open to all staff and practitioners who come under the umbrella of Children’s Services including:

  • schools
  • early years, private, voluntary and independent providers
  • Start Well Centres
  • childminders voluntary, community and faith sector
  • youth, play and sport

The Start Well Service works with the early years workforce and other professionals to ensure the best possible start in life for every child.

HMRC E-learning Courses

Courses for advice and guidance from the Inland Revenue:

Courses available

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the training planned and booked via the workforce development team for the reminder of 2020, is doubtful in its current format.

To help keep everyone safe, we have made the decision to cancel some of the training that has been advertised and booked for delivery (with the exemption of emergency courses booked under new measures).

We value you as a learner and are looking at a variety of safe methods to deliver the training that you need, and we will shortly be updating our webpages with the new children programme.

The web pages will detail courses, dates, times, method of delivery and booking instructions. Please have a look and book courses following the instructions as they become available.

In addition to help keep you informed, we will be producing a monthly newsletter, detailing new courses and course availability. This will include the method of delivery and booking instructions.

In the meantime

We have a number of online learning platforms that you and your staff may be interested in.

  • Me Learning – the New Online Training platform has a wide variety of short courses available.  A full licence will give you unlimited access to all courses until March 2021 for just £20 per person. Please email for more information
  • Moodle - access to Moodle
  • MindEd - Mental health support for children and young people. To create your free MindEd account please visit the MindEd website. The three modules are part of the courses entitled 'core content' and are suitable as an introduction/awareness level around mental health in relation to young people:
    • Introduction to the MindEd content
    • Normal psychological development
    • Common problems and first help

How to become a childminder

Safeguarding Training

The following course is available:

Alternatively view a brochure detailing our 'Online Safeguarding' courses.

Bolton Safeguarding Children Partnership

Training resources