Report abuse

If you are concerned about a child, or you think a child may be in need of protection, it is important that you contact someone to talk to about your worries.

What is a concern?

You can find more information on the Government website about:

  • what to report
  • what happens after you make a report
  • national support agencies

Who can I report concerns to about Bolton children?

You can contact our children’s social care team.

  Who you contact Contact details
During office hours
Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm
Multi-Agency Screening and Safeguarding Service (MASSS) 01204 331500
Out of office hours
Monday to Friday
6pm to 9am and weekends
Emergency Duty team 01204 337777
If a child is at immediate risk Police 999
If a crime has been committed against a child but they are not in immediate danger Police 101