Coronavirus information for social care providers

The information included here provides a resource for care providers in Bolton to enable them to access the most up to date version of documents required for the delivery of safe care during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Bolton has some of the best quality care homes in the country; this reflects the hard work, care and dedication of care home managers and their staff to deliver the very best services to their residents.

Care homes are a key part of the health and social care sector in Bolton, supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our borough to live safely and receive the support that they need.

Bolton has around 1400 care home beds and the average age for admission is 86 years. The latest trend in care home admissions is showing us that many people moving in to a care home have a range of complex health and care needs.

What is the Care Home Excellence Programme?

The programme aims to improve the health, care and experience of those living in care homes. It focuses on:

  • making sure the needs of the service user are at the centre of everything we do
  • delivery of high quality care home services that can respond to the changing needs of care home residents
  • learning from each other and sharing good practice
  • working together across organizations to make systems and processes work better for everyone
  • innovation – thinking and working differently

Who is involved?

The programme is a collaboration between:

  • Bolton Council
  • Bolton NHS Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
  • care home providers
  • service users and their families

What are we working on?

We are working on a number of improvement areas with care homes.

  • safety – we are working on ways of preventing and improving our response to falls and pressure ulcers in care homes
  • hospital transfers – the red bag initiative is a new approach to improving the admission and discharge process between care homes and hospital
  • telehealth – we are exploring ways of using new technology to improve the health outcomes for residents
  • workforce – we are developing ways of enhancing the opportunities available to care home staff to learn and improve
  • enhanced access to primary care – we are working to develop an option for better access to primary care services for care home residents
  • working with the local community - we are developing ways of involving volunteers from the local community to support care home residents to access activities and other leisure opportunities
  • joint contract and commissioning arrangements – Bolton Council and Bolton NHS Clinical Commissioning Group are working to bring together their processes to make processes more straightforward

Care Home Excellence Reward Scheme

Care homes that provide services to older people (65+) are invited to sign-up to the Care Home Excellence Reward Scheme.

The requirements

  • sign-up to the Care Home Excellence commitments
  • submit a monthly data return
  • publish an annual Quality Improvement Account
  • adopt Core Care Home Excellence Initiatives

The rewards

Participating care homes will receive:

  • a 'Care Home Excellence Payment' (all participating care homes taking Bolton Council funded placements)
  • a 'Commissioning for Quality and Innovation' payment (all participating nursing homes taking Bolton CCG CHC placements)
  • the Care Home Excellence continuous improvement mark
  • membership of the Care Home Excellence Network

Additional information can be found in the Care Home Excellence Reward Scheme Summary.

We will be adding to this page over time to share learning from the programme and provide updates on the impact that it has had for the borough’s care home residents.

For further information or if you would like to be involved please email

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