We own two reservoirs of this size - Doffcocker and Mortfield Lodges.

We regularly monitor the lodges and ensure they receive annual inspections by qualified engineers.

Doffcocker Lodge

  • built 1874 (renovated 1980)
  • dam height 7.1 metres
  • capacity 123,000 cubic metres
  • surface Area 80,500 square metres

Mortfield Lodge

  • built 1860 approx.
  • dam height 4.6 metres
  • capacity 30,000 cubic metres
  • surface Area 13,800 square metres

The Reservoirs Act ensures that the owners of reservoirs containing more than 25,000 cubic metres of water, that are raised above ground level by a dam, keep these reservoirs well maintained, safeguarding against failure.

Other large reservoirs in Bolton are owned and maintained either privately or by United Utilities. If you have any concerns or queries on any of these, contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.