All food businesses must be registered.

Food Business Registration Form.

Why are food businesses inspected?

We carry out inspections to ensure that the food produced and sold is safe, that the premises comply with the regulations and that the public is protected.

Food business operators must have a food safety management system in place based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Principles (HACCP) and have appropriate documents and records. 

Safer Food Better Business (SFBB), which has been developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), is an example of a simple system for small catering businesses.

What happens during an inspection?

As part of an inspection, we will check:

  • potential food safety risks have been identified by the food business operator
  • there are adequate controls in place to prevent any problems
  • relevant documents and records are in place
  • managers and food handlers are suitably trained
  • the condition of the premises and equipment is satisfactory

We will discuss any problems with you and provide advice on good practice.

Following the inspection you will be sent a written inspection report which will include any further action we intend to take. There will be a clear distinction between what we are recommending as good practice and what you must do to comply with the law.

If you do not agree with the action taken by us then you should contact us by telephone or in writing, setting out the reasons why you feel aggrieved.

Where formal action has been taken against you, the appeal process will be explained on the notice.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

We operate the Food Standards Agency’s Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.  The scheme makes it easier for consumers to choose places with good hygiene standards when they eat out or shop for food.

Food businesses are given a hygiene rating following a food hygiene inspection.  These ratings are published on the Food Standards Agency's website. In addition, food businesses are provided with a sticker and certificate to display on their premises.  Businesses are not obliged to display their sticker and certificate.

 The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme has rules for appeal, requesting a revisit and a right to reply.

Fees for advice and re-inspections

  • Food and Health and Safety Advice to Businesses (per hour) - £115
  • Request for re-inspection by Food Business Operator under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - £226