Do you want more power to make changes in your local area for the better?

Bolton Council want to encourage people to play a more active role in local decision making.  The option is for Community Alliances to replace Area Forums, giving local people power to set the agenda in an accessible, flexible and engaging way.

It's proposed that twenty Community Alliances are set up - one for each ward in the borough. They'll focus on local issues and allow local people to come up with local solutions that suit them, focussing on community action. This would create more opportunities for people of different backgrounds and experiences to get involved and contribute to local life.

In addition to local people, the Community Alliance would include representatives from the council, councillors, local business, and partners who provide local services - such as the police and voluntary organisations. While a formal meeting would take place at least annually, each Community Alliance would be expected to meet and communicate frequently to make sure action was taken and not just talked about.

Prior to undertaking the survey, please view the supporting Community Alliances presentation.

Closing Date
Wednesday 16th February
Survey Results