Have your say on the proposed changes to Bolton Start Well Centres

Bolton Council are currently asking for your views on the proposed changes to Bolton Start Well Centres.  Currently there are three main Start Well Centres, supporting families and children aged 0 - 5 years. Each of the 3 centres have with their own governance board, that support the 14 link Start Well Centres across the borough. 

Bolton Council are proposing to:

  • Rename the Start Well Centres, calling them Start Well Family Hubs:  The hubs will then support families from pregnancy onwards - until their children are 19 years old, or older for those with special needs. 
  • Change the way the governance boards work, by having a Start Well Family Hub in each neighbourhood, reporting to one boroughwide board, instead of three.
  • Include the Bright Meadows Centre in Breightmet as a Start Well Family Hub, alongside the other 17 centres.

For further information on the review please watch this short presentation or view the PowerPoint presentation here.

Closing Date
Wednesday 17th November (mid-day)
Survey Results

The results from the public consultation can be accessed here.


The full outcome of this review can be accessed here.

The Executive Cabinet Member APPROVED –

(i) The final proposals, having due regard to the consultation feedback and the Equality Impact Assessment, on the basis detailed in the report now submitted;

(ii)Subject to the approval of the Head of Paid Service, the delegation of implementation of the new structure, including details of voluntary redundancy arrangements and consequential redundancy selection, to the Chief Executive and Director of Children’s Services;

(iii)The proposed changes to Governance to align Start Well Centre reach areas to the Council’s 1, 3, 9 Neighbourhood Model under a single governing body; and

(iv)The redesignation of the Start Well Centres into Start Well Family Hubs, as detailed in the report now submitted.