Have your say on the inclusion of motorhomes and the A575/A580 at Worsley in the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan.

The ten Greater Manchester (GM) local authorities have approved the GM-wide Clean Air Zone, which will launch in May 2022. This will help to bring harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) within legal limits as soon as possible. Some categories of vehicles that do not meet emission standards will need to pay a daily charge (with some exemptions and discounts).

Following a consultation in 2020, TfGM are seeking further views on two proposed inclusions to the final Clean Air Zone scheme:

  • Including M1/ M1 SP vehicles with a body type of ‘motorcaravan’ within the charging scheme.
  • Including the sections of the A575 and A580 at Worsley within the GM Clean Air Zone.

Anyone can share their views on the impacts of these two proposed inclusions to the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone scheme. 


For further information and to take part in the survey please visit the TfGM webpage.

Closing Date
Wednesday 13th October