Residents, businesses and stakeholders are invited to have their say to help shape safe, active travel across Bolton in a consultation which will launch on Monday 22nd March.

Bolton Council is committed to enabling more people to walk and cycle for their everyday journeys, many of which are already local, and to providing attractive, ‘liveable’ streets and public spaces, with slower traffic speeds and safe routes.  Promoting active travel has health, air quality, environmental and economic benefits, so is a key part of the council’s response to the Climate Emergency declaration and our responsibility to improving population health.

To this end, Bolton Council is introducing enhanced cycle lanes on a number of key corridors identified through the successful #SafeStreetsSaveLives public consultation.  The schemes have been made possible through Greater Manchester’s allocation of £19m from the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund and the Active Travel Fund.

Bolton Town Centre to Farnworth Town Centre
Bolton Council is proposing to enhance walking and cycle infrastructure on the B6536/A575 Manchester Road/A6053 Bolton Road/Market Street to promote and encourage safe walking and cycling and help ease social distancing pressure.
The B6536/A575 Manchester Road/A6053 Bolton Road/Market Street is a key route between Bolton Town Centre and Farnworth Town Centre which was, through the #SafeStreetsSaveLives consultation, identified by respondents as a priority route for the installation of measures to support active travel. The University of Bolton has also invested in 1,000 bicycles for students and they have specifically highlighted this as a key route for students travelling between the Bolton Town Centre Deane Road campus and the Farnworth campus.
The proposed scheme seeks to enhance the existing cycle lane provision through road space reallocation and the installation of ‘Wand Orcas’, which provide light separation from the motor traffic, providing safe space for people cycling as well as pedestrians.
Key benefits include:
• Encouraging more people to walk and cycle, providing associated health and wellbeing benefits, reducing congestion, and improving air quality.
• Greater protection for cyclists.
• Support COVID-19 recovery.

If you require a paper survey, please contact the freephone number 0800 652 8646 and a survey will be sent to you. If leaving a message, please provide details of your requirements, the scheme name, and contact details.  Alternatively please email:


Closing Date
Sunday 2nd May 2021
Survey Results